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How to control weight during Lockdown in 5 easy steps:

One thing is pretty obvious that after this lockdown ends, you would have some extra pounds. Well, it isn’t entirely your fault as you are sitting at home from dawn to dusk doing nothing physical and craving for more and more food, it is but natural that you would end up accumulating stubborn belly fat without even knowing it. Let’s get one thing straight that your silhouette depends on, which is not the exercise you perform but the amount of your food intake. Now that you are sitting home, even with the amount of diet that you used to eat in your normal workday, you would end up getting some extra calories. Here are some tips to maintain your weight during the lockdown.

  1. Control your Hunger

Your body weight depends more on the food that you consume than on the number of calories you burn in a day. Regulating your food consumption is definitely going to help you in your weight control journey. Now that we are sitting home and doing nothing, we end up craving more, fancy and delicious food. Controlling appetite can be a troublesome job especially in a lockdown when we have no other tasks. 

The first that we would prescribe for you is to work on a routine. Focus on having three meals in a day which should be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to this, you may add light and healthy snacks in between your meals.

  1. Replace junk food with fruits and nuts

Eating nutritiously is very important for your weight loss in quarantine. Junk food must be withdrawn. All manufactured foods contain very high amounts of carbohydrates and sugars these substances put on some extra layers of fat on the stomachs. Pizza, burgers, French fries, soft drinks, and snacks are all very high in calories. Such foods must be avoided. 

Carbohydrates and sugars must be substituted with proteins. Proteins strengthen our muscles and are helpful in weight regulation. Salmon, tuna, chicken, beef, and prawns are all packed with proteins. Make small packs of fruits and vegetables and keep it ready for snack time. When you crave food, you will able to go to the nutritious snack pack rather than junk foods. 

  1. Consume Vegetables

Vegetables are an exceptional source of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. They keep the body strong and healthy. They are effortlessly available, cheap, and fresh. Very little energy is required in their preparation and they can be made into delicious salads, vegetable rolls, and other snacks. Greens such as broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, and beans are all good for our health. They are digested smoothly and help in regulating body weight. 

  1. Exercise

In addition to having a balanced diet, you must perform some light exercise in the comfort of your homes. As we are practicing self-isolation, going to the gym is not a viable option. But there are plenty of light exercises which we can easily perform at home. Exercises such as planking, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches can be easily performed at home. 

  1. Take your Vitamins and Supplements

While you are experiencing self-isolation, you would find it tough to do all these things. These days we don't have many options. We cannot focus on any other thing. It's just the food that we are left with. It is the only activity that we are taking interest in and it is going to be a very boring task to give up on dining. Looks like we are in a problem? Hey, cheer up. Nutrients Hub has a solution for you. We offer Garcinia Cambogia – your weight loss partner in quarantine. Garcina is a 100% natural remedy for your weight control journey. It promotes a rapid weight loss, controls your appetite by reducing your urge to eat all the time, and boosts your energy levels by utilizing your stored fats. It keeps you active and energized by minimizing your food cravings. And with these benefits, you start eating less. Once your food intake is optimized your weight starts dropping and you start getting in shape.  

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